Surgery Support

Surgery is a wonderful thing if you need it and it is successful. Only you and your surgeon can decide if you need it. And once that decision is made it is essential that you do everything within your power to help make your surgery successful.

Take an Active Role in Your Healing

The good news is that you have much more power to influence the outcome of your procedure than you ever dreamed of and get the best help there is—help directly from yourself.

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Benefits of Surgery Support

Patients using Surgery Support™ can benefit from:

Surgery Support™ is not in any way intended to be a substitute for your doctor’s advice. On the contrary, you are encouraged to include all your health professionals in your self-help.

The Process

Waking the Tiger Book

Step 1: There are two aspects to the process prior to surgery. The first step helps to prepare the mind, emotions and body for the experience of surgery. This is accomplished using techniques developed by Dr. Peter Levine, published in his groundbreaking book Waking the Tiger (recommended reading). This focused preparation helps to reduce the trauma induced by the surgery itself.

Step 2: This step provides detailed instructions on how to create a recording of love and support for yourself. These nurturing messages are heard with headphones throughout the length of the operation, regardless of the duration of the procedure. During this uncensored and receptive state, these messages, carried by the sound of your voice, help your body become more available and responsive to the healing hands of the surgeon.

How It Works

For years, science has recognized that while surgery can be hugely beneficial, it is also a traumatic event. More recently it has been acknowledged that even the sounds and words heard under anesthesia can contribute significantly to the traumatic experience.

The critical part of the brain that would reject positive messages in the waking state seems to be inactive under anesthesia, so the messages of love and support can go directly to the patient’s brain or psyche.

These recorded messages also help to block out the negative sounds and words that may be present during surgery. This keeps the patient heart centered and feeling safer. When the body feels safe and calm it quite naturally is able to function more efficiently and perform the multitude of sensory transactions that lead to quicker recovery and optimal healing.

Purchasing Surgery Support

The practice is based in Big Sur, California. If you are not in the area, Surgery Support™ sessions can be, and frequently are, done over the phone. The cost is $150/hour and the entire process typically takes between one and two hours. When possible, please book sessions at least three weeks in advance of surgery. For your convenience, secure online payment is now available through PayPal.

About Ken

Ken’s study of trauma has lead him around the world. Surgery Support™ was developed as a result of Ken’s experience of healing himself through his own injury and the subsequent surgery.

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